Summer Cleaning

Yes, it should have been Spring, but better late than never, right ?

Today was the turn of the cleaning cupboard itself. Should have taken before photos but it just looked too grungy, to me. It’s a really awkward corner cupboard and getting into the back of it involved sitting on a stool and sticking my entire upper body in the cupboard !

My attitude to cleaning products is that: (a) they need to do the job well (b) they need to be environmentally friendly, whenever possible. If I can find a natural remedy which works as well, I’ll be more than happy to use that instead.


Photo copyright Théroigne S B G Russell

I found some Ecover cleaning wipes. I am not a great fan of wipes of any description because in this household they just dry out. User error or product deficiency, I don’t know. Cif (formerly Jif) has been my go to cream cleanser for years. Recently bought one called Glow from  Poundstretcher and it came out of the bottle looking like curdled yogurt. Useless as well.


Photo copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

On the left there are three bottles of Dettol Laundry Cleaner, behind the one in use. Not convinced that the product works yet, but so many laundry care labels suggest lower temperatures and I worry about bacteria surviving.  I have been buying the laundry cleaner to trial, while on special offer at Ocado

The large 5 litre container on the right at the back is Comfort Professional Pure which we’ve been pleased with. I’ve seen it for sale at exorbitant prices ie £38 for 2 x 5L containers. Happy to report that it’s £4.99 for 5L at B&M

The small blue-topped bottle tops are on an Ecover delicates wash product, the red ones on an Ecover stain remover. Haven’t used these much. My grandmother swore by Bio Tex as a stain remover and after trying Vanish and Ace we’ve discovered this good old-fashioned product. £2.00 for 520g from Ocado and Waitrose



Photo copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

We wouldn’t start a DIY job without making sure that we had everything we needed, because for some jobs (painting a ceiling, for example) you can’t stop in the middle. Hands up, I wasn’t so organised beforehand, which meant that I ended up with 6 cans of spray polish and 8 bottles of toilet cleaner.

Recently, sponge scourers have been in the news, as the main culprit for spreading bacteria around kitchens. They can be 200,000 times more dirty than a loo seat, with over 1 million bacteria per square inch. We look out for the cheapest sponge scourers that we can find and bin them after each job. Poundland has 20 sponge scourers or 10 non-abrasive sponge scourers for £1

A more hygienic option is to use a good kitchen paper. We love Regina Blitz XL rolls which come in single rolls or packs of three. One sheet, being triple-layered, is enough to tackle many cleaning jobs. Plus, as they are paper, many councils will allow them to be disposed of in the food waste bin which gets composted.

Ah, but what about the chemicals ? Firstly, the majority of people don’t eat organic food. This means that preservatives, colourants, acidity regulators and other chemicals are going into the compost, in any case. Secondly, if it’s a real concern for you then I suggest reading labels to find the most environmentally friendly product.

I have used a wide variety of kitchen sprays but have always been left wondering whether the surfaces are clean or just smell nice. Another thought has been, if the product is tough enough to degrease cookers, is it food safe ?

Enter Jantex Pro Kitchen Cleaner and Sanitiser from Nisbets Next Day Catering Equipment. £2.38 for 750ml and it conforms to BS EN1276 which means it kills 99.99% of bacteria within 30 seconds. Data Safety Sheet PDF


Photo copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell




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