Abel and Cole plug plants

Have been a happy customer of Abel & Cole since 2012, and I hope to continue buying all our organic milk and eggs from A&C, Brexit or not.

New in, are organically produced herb plug plants, £14 for seven. I received apple mint, salad burnet, marjoram, oregano, thyme and two types of basil.

The plants arrived well packaged and suitably wet and with the exception of the salad burnet (which later died) all looked very healthy. The thyme is a bit on the teeny side, however. Compared to the photo of the plug plants on the Abel & Cole website, my plug plants looked smaller.

The plugs were re-potted into a previously used plastic tray and are residing in a lasagne dish. I would have liked to have used the Cow Pots (literally sterilized cow manure) which I bought from The Range a couple of years ago but they disintegrated on me. They will get broken up now and dug into the garden.

When I see organic compost on offer at Aldi or Lidl, we grab a few bags, so these plugs are seen here re-potted in New Horizon organic compost from 2017, exactly seven days after delivery.

Abel & Cole organic herb plug plants £14 for 7


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