Mediterranean Heatwave

When we redesigned the garden, we decided that it was too small for a lawn. Living near the sea, we figured that being so close to France lent itself to a Mediterranean style garden.

There have been years when we lost plants to frost – usually those in pots. But during The Summer of ’18, the Mediterranean garden has come into its own, with NO watering. Only two losses – the mimosa and potted herbs in the side return.

The garden is enclosed by a wall with trellis on two sides and by trellis and the house on the others. The walls are painted in brilliant white masonry paint (any brand) and the trellis in Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion ‘Lichen’. This happened because the Lichen was too dark in my study and we had a big can to use. Outdoors, it’s an altogether softer colour. Because the Estate Emulsion has a low vinyl content, it doesn’t ‘blow’ off the trellis and pots, as happens with a high vinyl/acrylic paint.

A pinot noir grapevine, grown on a Forest pergola, provides summer shade.


TIP: Low vinyl content emulsions are great at covering fences and trellis. They will also cover terracotta pots. Any emulsion can be used for terracotta pots, but will usually only last one summer, if high vinyl/acrylic. You can get a crusty effect by repeatedly painting every year. 


Cast iron and wood bench, Freemans. Re-painted in Plastikote copper spray paint and Farrow and Ball oil eggshell ‘Print Room Yellow’ Copyright 2016 Théroigne S B G Russell


Olive tree, Lidl. ‘Wisley’ trellis panels in Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion ‘Lichen’. Tweed pebbles, Home Bargains. Bird house. Marks and Spencer. Copyright 2016 Théroigne S B G Russell

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