Objets Trays

Instead of spreading small items around a room, why not group them together on a wooden or metal tray to invite people to handle them – opening boxes, stroking feathers, looking through an album, sniffing pot-pourri. Though it doesn’t cut down on dusting, it does mean that they can all be tackled in one fell swoop. Keeping windowsills and radiator cabinets clear(er) makes a room seem less cluttered.

A tray can be joined by books, magazines. flowers, newspapers and candles. A variety of heights and textures looks good and odd numbers of objects can look better than even ones.

Coffee table is a ‘Jaipur’ design in solid sheesham (Indian rosewood) from Wilko sale. No longer stocked by Wilko but items from the range can be found at Myakka, John Lewis and J D Williams, for example.

Objects include:

  • Laura Ashley cream marble footed bowl (sale) filled with stones from beaches,  collected as a child.
  • Rosetta Stone copy, British Museum via Oxfam.
  • Brown dish, Dunelm. Pot-pourri, Wilko.
  • Tube containing papyrus from Egypt, present from parents.
  • Brown wooden tray, IKEA.
  • Wooden solitaire box, Oxfam.
  • Ceramic walnut lidded dish, Oxfam.
  • Paperweight made from recycled HMS Victory rivets, Nauticalia.
  • Egyptian mummy pencil tin, present from parents.
  • Carved wooden Taj Mahal(ish) box, boot fair.
  • Murano glass bowl, Oxfam.
  • Signed first edition, Waterstones Edinburgh.
  • Small dish, Wilko, filled with conkers, fruit stones and nuts collected over years.
  • Ben de Lisi Indian-made ruler box, Debenhams.
  • Miniature vase made from a polished rock, boot fair.
  • Indian brass bell, 10p in jumble sale as a child.
  • Brass bowl, Oxfam filled with cowrie shells from a boutique in Tenterden, Kent.
  • Voluspa ‘Crisp Champagne’ double wick candle in tin, Marisota.
  • Wooden tray, boot fair.
  • Wooden leopard, Oxfam.
  • Small wooden box inlaid with brass and small brass pot, presents from mother.

Nothing valuable, but a lot of variety. The items get moved around and swapped with others, periodically.

Voluspa double wick ‘Crisp Champagne’ candle tin in photo is sold out at Marisota, but a few left at House of Fraser. Voluspa ‘Crisp Champagne’ double wick candle tin, House of Fraser





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