Seeds of Italy

Royal Mail just delivered a small box from Seeds of Italy which will please The Husband, because it contains two 60g tubs of his favourite Italian seasoning, Ariosto Aglio e Peperoncino. If you want to get some more heat in your pasta (or other Italian dishes) without going completely burnt mouth, I recommend this.

The Husband has NCGS (Non-Coeliac Gluten Syndrome) and I bought some Borghesi of Arezzo Tuscan chick pea flour in the hope that we can find a suitable gnocchi recipe for him.

Also in the box, Agnesi Pesto alla Siciliana, which is orange, looking a lot like rouille. Sacla seems to pretty much have a monopoly in supermarkets and their organic and free from pestos include ingredients such as rice syrup, tofu, potato flakes, sunflower seed oil, soya beans and carrots – none of which I would contemplate using in home-made pesto. Thought I’d try this as The Husband doesn’t want to be slaving away with mortar and pestle on a weeknight !

Another return purchase is the Borghini of Arezzo pinoli. Italian pine nuts are an altogether different nut to the teeny things on sale in British supermarkets. Much longer and no black bits.

My plan is to sow Franchi Sementi Timo di Provenza (Provençal thyme) above the roots of the brown turkey fig tree and let it romp. The fig will provide some shade and I hope that the thyme, if sown in sufficient numbers, will crowd out the weeds.

Although I’ve had luck with transplanted growing basil from supermarkets, I am wondering whether growing basil from seed will extend its growing season. Longest so far, has been October.

My most successful rooting came from some Lebanese mint at the Maroush deli. People were looking around the tube carriage for the source of the amazing smell. When I got home, I decided to try rooting all of it. Trimmed the ends of the bunch and arranged the mint in an old trifle bowl, filled with water. Luckily it worked and I still have descendants of that bunch.

Mint is a bully though, so I ordered chervil, sweet marjoram, parsley and oregano to make another herb bed.

If you would like the Seeds of Italy 2018 catalogue, you can download it from Issuu here




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