Matalan and the Orta floor lamp

Some years ago, I bought this twisted wooden table lamp by Linda Barker for Matalan and replaced the shade with one made of American map paper, by The Old Lamp Shed.

IMG_20180719_110146 (1)

Linda Barker for Matalan table lamp. Shade, The Old Lamp Shed. Bonded leather and wooden frames with old photos of relatives, Lidl. Round wooden box, Oxfam. Sheesham table, Wilko. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell


I was looking for a new floor lamp and fell in love with a £425 floor lamp at John Lewis. It was really simple, so the price was way over the top. Unsurprisingly, The Husband balked. (Would post a link but it appears to be sold out and removed from website).

Then I found a geometric, more complicated version of the first lamp at Myakka for £249 ‘Adina’ Floor Lamp, Myakka

While I was pondering the wood colour, the floor lamp was reduced to £99 and sold out.

I was delighted, to find the same lamp in a darker wood, for £130 at Matalan. The Husband still thought this was expensive and commented that it looked like: ” an A level Woodworking project”.  ‘Orta’ floor lamp, Matalan

I was tidying my Evernote notebooks and clicked on the link and found that Matalan had included the Orta floor lamp in the sale, reducing it from £130 to £65. I bought it immediately. 

Having purchased the floor lamp on 10 July, I was somewhat surprised that it took nine days to arrive. I was even more surprised to find that the delivery note didn’t show two boxes, because the lampshade wasn’t included in the narrow box. The assembly instructions included instructions for adding the missing shade.

I called Matalan, and a very helpful customer services agent  told me that the Orta was out of stock in my nearest Matalan stores. He asked me to email customer services with photographs of the lamp and packaging, which I did, the following day.


I was told that I would get a reply within 24 hours, but all I’ve had, is a generic holding email, five days ago. No second box from a courier with missing lamp shade, no explanation from Matalan.

The floor lamp base was really easy to assemble – The Husband managed it in under five minutes. The wood is smooth to the touch and matches in with the other Matalan lamp base (scroll up). The Husband was impressed with the floor lamp as is, (He of Little Faith).

Running the What If Matalan Runs Out Of Orta Lamp Shades ?  scenario, we cast around the house for lampshades, to try for size. The shade on the Casa lamp from Leekes (sale) looked perfect, but since it looks perfect as it is, we don’t want to move it.


Casa table lamp, Leekes. (Bought before room was finished). Leather photo frame, Tesco Direct. Copyright 2016 Théroigne S B G Russell

So we’re left wondering how much longer we have to wait for a response from Matalan. Will we get a shade ? If they can’t supply a shade, will they give a partial refund and measurements, so that we can go find one ?

Right now, 15 days after purchase, we don’t know.

Update: 16:16 BST 25/0718 received an email from Matalan. Not an answer to mine, but a generic product review request. 

Update2: Tweeted Matalan last night. MatalanHelp asked me to DM the order number. Got a DM today 26/07/18, saying they have sourced the lampshade and will be shipping it. Result !

Update3: The shade arrived today (30/07/18) in a huge box. It was cleverly supported inside by cut out cardboard, so that it didn’t get damaged. At the bottom, was a small package. I assumed it was a tool for fixing the lampshade. Picked it up and out fell, what can best be described as a grey enamel measuring cup with a hooked handle. No size, but I’m guessing 1/2 cup. 


Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

I’m having that sort of day, today. Abel & Cole order arrived, picked up the box, bottom dropped out and so did the milk and eggs. Some 30 mins later the Abel & Cole guy arrived asking for 2L of milk back.

Finally.. a photo !!


Orta floor lamp, Matalan. Shemagh, Silvermans. Russ bear ‘Spencer’ present from husband. Leather buttonback loveseat, Marks and Spencer. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S G B Russell


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