Co-op Heathfield


Mushrooms and pea toys, Co-op Heathfield, E Sussex. Photo copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

Didn’t buy any, but are they cute or what ?

The Heathfield Co-op is bigger than average. It has both Organic and Free From sections at the back. OH picked up a foldable rainbow pixel fleece picnic rug with waterproof backing and carry handle, for 8.99

I found tinned organic black Beluga lentils and mixed beans for the stockpile plus organic savoury herb and mushroom pâtés in tubes variously from Suma and Biona. I was shocked that a small packet of Biona organic sour sweet candy cost £2.10 :faint: Cypressa tinned dolmades were cheaper than the Turkish ones sold in Tesco Dover and there seemed to be more of them. The grape leaves seemed noticeably tougher though.

TIP: If you grow any grapes which produce grapes for wine or eating, you can blanch young leaves in boiling water (they change colour) for a very short time to soften and then make your own dolmades. The older the leaves are the tougher they get. 

Besides food, we bought a National Lottery ticket National Lottery Win !

An added bonus, was seeing a beautiful mid century red Rolls Royce.


Co-op Heathfield, E Sussex Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell


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