Waterford Marquis Crosby crystal vase

Post this morning included a mini-catalogue from Marisota, a JD Williams brand.

Two or three weeks ago, I bought a Voluspa ‘Crisp Champagne’ double wick candle tin from the website, having first been alerted to the cool tin designs by Adam Lambert tweeting a pic, some years ago. Champagne, not Prosecco, is my thing and the driest possible. (Candle tin now out of stock and removed from website, so no link)

The mini-catalogue offered 20% off my next order. I am guessing that’s for credit account customers and I certainly don’t want to pay over 38% interest ! There was a time when we needed those offers, but now we don’t take credit unless 0% interest.

Curiosity led me to look at the clearance section and I bought this:

Waterford Marquis Crosby crystal vase was £50 but picked it up for £24.24 including named day delivery.

We have a ridged flared Edinburgh Crystal vase, but this, with it’s geometric design, is more Noughties.

Handy for the Flower Arranging Lessons..

TIP: Never condemn a website, just because it isn’t fashionable. Searching websites can throw up quirky items or cheap but decent quality basics, like bedding. For example, Chums
often has offers on Christy towels and Egyptian cotton sheets. It’s also a great place to pick up presents for grandparents, such as record players and big button phones.


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