Blankets or duvets ?

As a kid, I had duvets and I remember my mother making me a duvet cover out of Laura Ashley fabric, as a teenager. I wasn’t much into Laura Ashley then and I’m still not !

When my boyfriend-now-husband and I went on holiday together, to the cool fishing village of Mevagissey, I discovered that he’s a duvet hoarder. I looked at a contraption that passed a strap over you, to a plastic stand on the floor. I didn’t go for the idea of being strapped in my bed, at all.

He hoards and cocoons himself and I often have one leg sticking out of the bed, to get some airflow. This was going to be a big problem.

Looking at an upmarket magazine, extolling the virtues of some swanky hotel, I noticed that the posh hotels don’t use duvets. It seemed an idea worth exploring.

Until 2017, French mail order company Daxon, sold traditional wool blankets with satin bound edges, in a variety of colours and weights. La Redoute has taken Daxon over as a sub-brand, but it’s not the same, although La Redoute does sell a few blankets.

Chums is a more English version of the quirky and somewhat old-fashioned Daxon website. Earlier this summer, before the website had been set up, I bought a multi-function rechargeable 275rpm scrubber with three detachable heads. This means that short moi can scrub the tiling, without having to get on a step stool in the bath !

Chums sent me an email this morning, noting that I had been browsing the website. A bit creepy, but it offered me 10% off with a code.

Originally, a cream cellular cotton double blanket had been priced at £39.99 and in the sale this price was reduced to £34.99. The offer code took another £3.50 off. Postage is on the expensive side at £5.25, so the order total came in at £36.74. Not a very chic item but useful. Cream supersoft cotton cellular blanket, Chums.

Turned up today (03/08/18) and an even nicer cream than it seemed on the website. It’s also got an interesting hem (see bottom of the photo).  Very pleased.


Sleepscene cream cotton cellular blanket, Chums. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

I like to think outside the box, so bought a Portuguese cream cotton matelassé bedspread from Guardian Reader Offers. Best Bedding Bargain however, was a cream cotton waffle double blanket from Harrods, for £37.50



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