Freemans sale goodies

Freemans emailed me a code for an extra 20% off sale items (excluding electricals). Checked my Evernote notebook because not much left on my list. I had already purchased this Superman mug as an office mug present for The Husband, reduced from £15 to £13.50 Superman mug, Freemans

Just before starting the blog, I had bought myself this Fallen Fruits wind chime out of the proceeds of decluttering books to We Buy Books 
Fallen Fruits Bell Wind Chime, Freemans £25


Fallen Fruits windchime, Freemans Photo copyright Théroigne S B G Russell

The Husband has always wanted a Galileo thermometer. Now that Past Times has gone to the great sale in the sky, I haven’t been able to find one. I was really happy to see this while browsing in the sale. Getting 20% off means £12.80 with free delivery instead of £16. #Win Galileo thermometer, Freemans

TIP: It’s often worth investigating emails with offer codes. I list things I like on Evernote and if I get a code, I can then snap them up. I find too, that it’s cheaper to stick something in a notebook (virtual or physical) and reflect, as sometimes this stops me making an expensive/silly mistake.




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