Celia Hammond Animal Trust jumble sale, Brede

Celia Hammond Animal Trust can be found at Brede, near Hastings in East Sussex and in Canning Town and Lewisham, in London. Basically, the trust runs low-cost neutering clinics and rescues and rehomes cats and dogs. The trust was started in 1986 by former model Celia Hammond

A jumble sale was held in Brede Village Hall, to raise funds for the trust. Hadn’t been to a jumble sale in years, so I dragged husband and mother along. Entry was 50p or a can of cat food, which was amusing. We arrived fairly early, as the clothes were all neatly folded, not the messy pile I was expecting.

Low carb moi and gluten-free husband couldn’t partake of the cake and Ma doesn’t eat cake before lunch. I was casting around for something to buy because there weren’t many books and right at the back were these cushions..


Celia Hammond Animal Trust jumble sale, Brede, East Sussex. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

Handmade by Maggie, these were delightful and great value for money. I found a green one with sheep, for my study.  The cushion is beautifully made, absolutely faultless. The zip cushion cover comes with a washable cushion pad inside. This sort of thing would cost £45 or more in the Cotswolds.


Cushion handmade by Maggie, in aid of Celia Hammond Animal Trust, Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

Maggie’s cushion justified going to the event. My mother got her Christmas present box started early with a reading glasses case and a coin purse, as well.

TIP: At jumble sales, have a thorough look around and remember that most are being held for a good cause. 






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