It’s pronounced Dee-bore evidently. Dibor

I have bought several things from Dibor.  Firstly, via Amazon, a grey tea caddy with Thé on the front, which is my nickname.

The first thing which I bought directly from Dibor was a clock. If I remember correctly, it was the last one in stock, so half price. Our bedroom clock had gone kaput suddenly and I dashed around the internet until I found it. Perfect.

Then there was a wooden crate, to corral beauty products into, on top of the pine tallboy or tower, in the bedroom.

This was followed by two smaller, more rustic crates for small items. (Photos to follow)

I ordered on 2nd August, before 2pm to get next day delivery.  The large but slim box turned up this afternoon. Is it possible to be both ecstatically happy and disappointed simultaneously ?

The tea box is perfect. It blends in perfectly on the chest of drawers and takes all my ethnic necklaces. Love it. Means that the horrible gold hatbox which my mother gifted me, can be kept as a hat box on top of The Husband’s wardrobe, out of my sight, or it can go to a charity shop.

The weekly planner is falling apart and really, it as substantial as balsa wood 🙁 So discussion will ensue with my beloved. Can it be fixed ? Does he like it ? Is it big enough ?If not, it’s going back. Planner




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