Declutter and Clean 2018: Bedroom

The Declutter and Clean 2018 initiative has gone really well, in combination with some sale vacuuming.

The wardrobe clearance was ruthless and the t-shirt drawer diminished by 90%. The unwanted clothes went to charity shops.

Quite a few books were sold to  We Buy Books

Bought a cream cellular cotton blanket from Chums and chucked out a cream cotton waffle blanket from Harrods sale, which had thread pulls.

Sleepscence cream cotton cellular blanket, Chums


Sleepscene cream cotton cellular blanket, Chums. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

All the clean but holey, threadbare, or torn household textiles and the like, are in a bag marked rags. Recently, I discovered that many charity shops sell them for recycling.

Handily, my nickname is Thé (pronounced tay) which is of course, the French word for tea. Was delighted to find this tea box at Dibor  for £9.60 in the sale, which now houses my chunky necklaces. This meant that a hideous hat box could Leave The Room.

Th wooden crate below, again from Dibor , collects the beauty products into an easily moveable container for both dusting and rummaging. Have rearranged books so that all the French language books and French-themed books are in the Freemans honey pine tower (tallboy) or bookcase. Again, that makes them easier to sort through.

The 1950s print was a charity shop find.

There are some creaky but well polished floorboards to fix and some paint blobs to remove. A couple of new rad snaps or some radiator paint on the radiator pipework. Plus some flexible filler by the front wall skirting board (baseboard).

All the prints have been cleaned and replaced, including the Dufy print of Promenade des Anglais from Homebase, which my brother bought me as a big birthday present.

More stuff to go up on the walls as we buy stuff we like, then re-frame or store. Nothing expensive. Dunelm, IKEA, Amazon, The Range, Aldi, Homebase, Butlers, charity shops and boot fairs, so far. When they are up, will photograph. Have had a few finds, but no masterpieces.

The wooden Venetian blinds need dusting and a bit of oil and the windows need cleaning.

After that, the room will be decluttered and spring cleaned and will only need routine housework. We have some paint, so the walls and ceiling might get redone in spring.

Recently found a shop which will do upcycling for you. We didn’t bother to rub down the pine self-assembly bookcase before painting in a discontinued Laura Ashley oil eggshell and it’s looking a bit too shabby chic now. Will have to investigate that.




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