Home on The Range

Last Sunday, asked The Husband to nip up to The Range with me but as he had done a lot of driving that week, he wasn’t keen and asked me to order online.

The first thing I ordered was a ‘Fresh & Organic’ sign. Fresh & Organic sign, The Range  Originally for the hall, but too big. I measured the wall and it just seems way bigger than I expected, probably why delivery cost £9.95. Got 40% off in the sale though at £11.39. Very pleased with the sign.


IKEA duck print, Oxfam. Fresh & Organic sign, The Range. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

According to the email it was supposed to be delivered on the Wednesday but turned up after 21:30 BST and The Husband was not happy.

The other item ordered, to go with it, was this Farmers’ Market linen panel reduced from £5.99 to £3.59 in the sale,  Farmers Market linen wall art ,The Range which has still to turn up. It should have been here Wednesday but travelled from one depot back to another and I had to rearrange delivery for Friday 10th August – and at 23:04 BST it isn’t going to turn up.

Update1: Called UKMail Monday 13.08.18 but couldn’t get a human. Automated response was still saying that it would be delivered Friday 10.08.18. Called The Range, they called UKMail. UKMail may have lost it, doing a search. Someone from The Range calling me back within an hour. Tweeted about it and customer reps from The Range and UKMail offered to investigate. Unsure whether this happened.
Update2: Called The Range 14.08.18 and p&p for the Fresh & Organic will be refunded to Paypal (9.95). Missing part of order scanned and out for delivery today. Crossing everything !
UKMail email says delivery will be between 15:24 – 16:24. Email from The Range saying 9.95 will be refunded. Email from Paypal confirming refund will be refunded to my debit card.




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