#foundinoxfam Part One

Well there’s bound to be a Part Two ! Specially for Grace and Ellie…

The photos are captioned but here’s the list from these photos, of objects bought from Oxfam shops.

Jersey Pottery 1970s brown and cream frog vase
Murano copper metallic tones glass vase
British Museum Rosetta Stone resin copy
Dartmouth Pottery white vase
Brass jug
Sylvac leaf vase
Wooden leopard
Ceramic walnut
Brass plate
Wooden Solitaire box
Marks and Spencer ‘Olives’ vase
Dumler and Breiden lava vase
Oversize mug (with coffee plant from Lidl)
Victorian tiger print
Habitat grey crackle vase
Pith helmet
Brown & Polson shortbread dish
Parsley quiche dish
Oversized wooden egg with separate egg cup
Coach backpack
Red and white shemagh
Vintage berlingots tin
Brass dallah



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