Another day, another Oxfam find (or two)

My Oxfam haul includes a paperback copy of both A Year in Provence and Toujours Provence by the late Peter Mayle, creator of Wicked Willie. Bought them for The Husband so that he can crash out on the sofa in his study and read on a wintry Sunday afternoon.

Another photo frame for the sitting room. Brand new, Italian and hand-made.


Italian hand-made photo frame, Oxfam. Cushion, IKEA. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

And for the kitchen, which will be Edwardian-style (ish), a Fortnum & Mason Stilton jar. I worked close to  Fortnum & Mason for six years and would buy a pot of Loseley yogurt there as part of my lunch, every day.


Fortnum & Mason Stilton jar, Oxfam. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

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