Sometimes, things just happen out of the blue.. like setting up a Twitter account for MaisonCool @MaisonCool and coming across Steve and Jane, the Carters behind CarterCollectablesUK in Shanklin, IOW. CartersCollectablesUK

CartersCollectablesUK sold me my first piece of treen and a Juliana glass star fish.

The star fish was in a range of glass sold by Widdop & Co, of  Chadderton, Lancashire, trading as The Juliana Collection.

The flowers are very much like Millefiore and the copper glints are very similar to Murano. No idea where it was made, but possibly Italy ??

When I got married, my father gave me the shell and pebble collection which I gathered as a child. He had carefully stored each pebble and shell in a tin, in his shed. In our first (rented) home, the collection was housed in a Boots ‘Camargue’ ceramic mixing bowl, by the woodburner. Eventually, it cracked under the weight.

When we were thinking about colour schemes for the main bedroom in this house, we used the Boots ‘Camargue’ colours of cream, rust and blue, as a starting point.


Wine jug and candy dish, Boots ‘Camargue’ range. Copyright 2018 Théroigne S B G Russell

Recently bought the identical Boots Camargue mixing bowl from for £22 and I was going to move the shells & pebbles to the bedroom. But think it looks great as is with the starfish.

Hmm.. lavender bags from Provence in the bowl ?

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