Poundstretcher is another discount store, founded by Paul Appell and Stephen Fearnley, in 1981. It has been through several changes of ownership and is now owned by Crown Crest Group.

There seems to be a lot less food on the website, than there used to be. This may or may not be indicative of the stock situation in store. Many of the Poundstretcher stores can be found in town centre locations, where there may be less space for stock storage.

Foodie products to look out for as at 05/05/20:

In the 1970s, Dewhurst was the biggest retail butchery chain, with 1400 shops. There are shops scattered about, but it’s not clear that these are part of the revival promised by Brand Cellar, back in 2011. The brand is being used for 100% corned beef, however.

Corned beef is essential, for Newfoundland Corned Beef Cakes.

You just can’t go wrong with a Himalayan pink salt grinder for 89p !
Also handy, is ground white pepper, at 69p, for those rare occasions when a recipe calls for it.

Heinz distilled malt vinegar can be used on fish and chips or to clean glass, mirrors and windows. Also useful to remove dishwasher detergent from stainless steel cutlery and plates. and the traditional brown malt vinegar, also from Heinz, is the same price.

The salt and pepper grinders refer to natural sea salt seasoning and natural pepper seasoning rather than ‘sea salt’ and ‘pepper’ so do read the labels in-store.

Poundstretcher usually has some pretty decent offers on food storage, so if you need something to stash the flour in, this Clipseal 4.2L Click & Lock container, is only £4

To maximise food storage in the fridge, Poundstretcher has some useful 1000ml containers which are also safe for microwave and freezer use and only 1.99 for ten.

Another great deal is the 30cm x 20cm Pyrex Classic roaster for just 3.49

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