Himalayan pink salt. No grinder unlike Poundstretcher (89p for 100g) and Poundland (375g for £1) but £1 for 750g is a very good price.

If you don’t mind non-organic, Delizia Italiana passata 690g is just 59p ! Useful for making gazpacho, if you can’t get hold of fresh tomatoes. Alternatively, the 500g tetrapaks are 35p

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 290ml £2.09

Coconut milk has been hard to find in some places. B&M has 165ml cans of Full Moon coconut milk 29p or 4 for £1 on Manager’s Special (06/05/20)

Colman’s Mustard 170g for £1

For bakers, Plantation traditional Barbados golden granulated cane sugar 750g is 1.19
Tate & Lyle granulated sugar 500g is 39p and their 1kg pack of demerara sugar, 1.49
B&M also has 500g Tate & Lyle icing sugar for 89p
Tate & Lyle light brown sugar 500g 69p
Tate & Lyle caster sugar 500g

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and baking powder are not the same. Here’s the gen from Healthline
You can buy both from B&M in the Dr Oetker range. Bicarbonate of soda aka sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda aka bicarb, has other uses. A paste made with water will clean grouting between tiles. It can be used to clean stainless steel sinks. In solution, it can be used to clean fridges and of course, it’s great for absorbing nasty smells in the fridge as well. You can clean toothbrushes and combs with a solution of bicarb and use it sprinkled on a sponge, to clean painted furniture. (Try an inconspicuous part first). In the Forties and Fifties, home cooks would sprinkle a little in with ‘greens’ so that though boiled to death, their vegetables still looked green.

Two award-winning Ginsters Cornish pasties for £1 is a cheap lunch. The pasties are made in Cornwall using Farm Assured beef, 80 layers of puff pastry and local veg. Oven bake for 15 – 20 mins and Ginsters has a recipe for a side with green beans and bacon.

If your Lockdown baking skills aren’t so hot, you might find La Boulangere 6 pains au chocolat for £1 along with an 8 pack of chocolate brioche rolls, also £1 and both pains au chocolat and chocolate brioche rolls will come in handy for a deluxe take on bread and butter pudding. Another chocolately breakfast treat is Saint Aubert chocolate crepes 6 for £1

If you don’t mind non-organic olive oil, then B&M has Don Mario Extra Virgin olive oil 500ml for 1.89 but for 2.49 you can get Filippo Berio Gesto FruttatoExtra Virgin olive oil 500ml

Especially useful for those on a low carb or keto diet, is a 6 pack of 145g Princes tuna in spring water, for 4.25 or there’s 5 x 145g cans of Ocean Fresh tuna chunks, again in spring water, on Manager’s Special as at 06/05/20 for 2.39 and 4 x 132g of John West tuna chunks in spring water for £3

Another useful item for low carbers, is organic Extra Virgin coconut oil, 1.79 for 300ml
on offer (06/05/20)

Saxa ground white pepper is a useful store cupboard standby, for that annoying recipe which requires white, not black pepper. If you can’t get it, try Poundstretcher, same price, same weight.

Princes wild Pacific medium red salmon 213g is a useful healthy standby for sandwiches, or for fussy sulking cats. Cucumber is an alternative brand, 2.99 for 219g of wild Pacific red salmon and the better known John West wild Pacific red salmon is 3.39 for 213g however the John West wild Pacific salmon at Poundland is 1.39 cheaper

Branston original pickle 310g for £1 is a traditional accompaniment to mature Cheddar sandwiches Crosse & Blackwell started making their famous pickle in Branston, Staffordshire, in 1922. According to WiseGEEK, Branston is popular in “Southern England”. In 2013, Branston was sold to Mizkan, a privately-owned family company which has been around for over 200 years. Most people probably haven’t noticed any change. For more information and recipes, see the Bring Out The Branston website.

If you’re not Foodie enough to make your own oxtail soup, Heinz (established 1869) makes it without artificial colours and preservatives. Normally 89p for a 400g can, as at 06/05/20, it’s on a multibuy offer with other Heinz soups, any 6 for £4. It’s worth snapping up six, because unlike the other soups, oxtail can be used in recipes.

If you must have organic tinned tomatoes, the cheapest at the moment are 70p at Morrisons. If you are fine with non-organic, B&M has East End chopped tomatoes for an incredible 29p a can on Manager’s Special (06/05/20)
Seasons Harvest peeled plum and finely chopped tomatoes are also 29p for 400g.

In the MaisonCool household, Nestle Carnation evaporated milk is used to make custard, with Bird’s custard powder. It’s not that we can’t make crème anglaise, it’s that the evaporated milk custard is better. Third generation evaporated milk custard isn’t wrong. Should you actually be able to make a batch without attracting every member of your household, and have those plastic lolly moulds, you can pour in custard and when cool, freeze. Frozen old-style deliciousness. B&M has Carnation evaporated milk for 89p for 410g. You may find this size elsewhere at up to 1.40 ! Evaporated milk can also be used in place of pouring cream, on fresh or tinned fruit. or a triple pack of smaller cans 1.29

B&M carries traditional Eccles cakes from Lancashire, which can be whipped out as an impromptu geography lesson for homeschoolers. Four pack for 1.29

Another iconic treat which many children won’t have tasted, is Soreen malt loaf. It’s a moist, malty, sticky small loaf-sized cake, made in Manchester for over 80 years. Soreen should be cut into slices and spread thickly with butter, to be really enjoyed in traditional fashion. Only £1 at B&M

Fray Bentos (another geography lesson item as Fray Bentos is a town in Uruguay) corned beef is 100% South American beef. If you’re concerned about the Amazon jungle clearances, you might want to try to buy this from another country.
340g for 1.99 on Manager’s Special (06/05/20)
The Fray Bentos brand is owned by Baxters and these cans may be end of production.
Princes corned beef 340g 1.99 Poundstretcher has Dewhurst corned beef and there’s a recipe video for Newfoundland Corned Beef Cakes here

Tilda pure steamed basmati rice 250g 79p
Uncle Ben’s boil in the bag long grain rice 500g 1.99
Both useful store cupboard staples.

If cider is your thing, B&M has a lot of it, including six from Kopparberg. Mateus rose would seem to be the only European wine other than ‘never heard of it’ prosecco.

Toblerone 200g 1.99
Toblerone 150g £1

Recipes from B&M (many from shoppers)

It does appear, that B&M is perhaps the most Foodie of the discount stores.

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