ScandiKitchen was founded by a Bronte (Danish) and Jonas (Swedish) when they couldn’t find food from home. It has become a centre for Scandinavian food, selling Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish food in a shop near Oxford Circus, which also has a café. There’s a catering arm, and an online shop, which includes alcohol. ScandiKitchen also does wholesale sales.

61 Great Titchfield Street

Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus or Goodge Street

We have used ScandiKitchen before the pandemic. There is a temporary limit on the fresh Danish yeast, Kron Jast, of two packs per person. Still in stock (07/05/20)

Knorr Soldatens Artsoppa 580g is a traditional Swedish soup of yellow split peas with gammon pork rind. The soup can be diluted with up to half a can of water and might then feed several children or a couple of adults with hearty appetites. Great for a winter lunch or light supper.

Perstorps Absolut Ren Attika 300ml is a white vinegar (24% acetic acid) which can be diluted for pickling, cooking and cleaning.

Out of stock (07/05/20) but Kockens Kardemumma Malen 30g (ground cardamom) is not just an essential ingredient for cinnamon buns, it’s also useful for Indian fodd, when you don’t want to be squishing cardamom pods.

ScandiKitchen has lots of jams and fish and licorice sweets and if you are following a gluten free diet, you will find a few products too. Allergens, nutrition and ingredients are available for all food products.

There’s an 8 day shipping delay and ScandiKitchen is asking NHS workers and the vulnerable, who have ordered, to email the email address on this link. Your order number and address would help, so that your order can get bumped to the front of the queue.


Delivery ordered 11/04/20 and arrived 28/04/20 as Non-Urgent shipping chosen (3.98)

May The Norse Be With You tote bag SALE reduced from 4.99 to 2.99
Pig cookie cutter 1.49 – it is tiny !
Grumme Gron Sapa 3.59 – love the smell of this (Also available from Ocado and Totally Swedish)
King Oscar gafelbiter I dillsaus (Herring in dill marinade) 50g 2.09 – expensive but delicious

TOTAL with shipping 14.14There’s an 8 day shipping delay

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