Bartons was founded in 1905, by Edmund and Lydia Barton, literally as a cottage industry, in the kitchen of their home in Lascelles Street, Fingerpost, St Helen’s.

Edmund Barton would buy spices and vegetables from Liverpool’s fruit and vegetable market and vegetables from local farms. Lydia was tasked with the veg and sauce prep and they would sell their pickles from a hand cart. When Edmund Barton volunteered to serve in the First World War (1914-1918), Lydia Barton ran the business and was able to deliver sacks of vegetables to local families and collect prepared veg for pickling.

Four generations later, HRH The Prince of Wales visited the Bartons factory to celebrate the centenary of the family business.

Bartons exports to Australia, yet it’s not that well known, outside of the North West. Some branches of Tesco and ASDA stock Bartons Piccalilli, but we found it at Iceland.

Measured against Haywards Piccalilli, here at MaisonCool, we prefer the taste of Bartons. (Is it possible to libel a food product ???) and like their back story, more of which you can read

If you can’t find this excellent piccalilli in Iceland, ASDA, Tesco or local shops, you can buy the entire range, which includes chilli piccalilli, spreadable piccalilli and pickled eggs, amongst others, from Rainford Online Trading.

Having ordered the chilli piccalilli and pickled eggs on 7th May 2020, we will be putting our tastebuds through their paces.

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