As Jane Asher says herself on her website, Home Bargains has been “really clever” and put together the Jane Asher Baking Box for 20.99, delivery included. Packet mixes aren’t usually considered Foodie, but in a time of flour and mixing bowl shortages, it would make an ideal present for the son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, nephew or niece, beginning baking.

Lots of people have indeed decided that the baking box is a great idea. So much so, that currently, you can add it to the unavailable list.

Use this link to get to the Home Bargains website, and upon arrival at the Jane Asher Baking Box details, you should get a pop-up box to stick your email address into, in order to get notified when more stock arrives.

In the mean time, there are nine pages of baking products on Jane Asher’s website.

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