Riccardo Muti conducts Chicago Symphony Orchestra ‘de to Joy’ April 2017
Flash mob, November 2012, Mercado San Miguel de Madrid
Ode to Joy – EUOfficial
Sabadell, Ode to Joy flashmob , May 2012

Europe Day, 9th May 2020, is our first Europe Day outside of the European Union. We must not stop fighting to regain our place in our European family of nations.

You can help by joining New Europeans and/or European Movement

You can keep up to date by reading The New European newspaper

You can make your home a no go area for The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Express, Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail.

If you can, please support The 3 Million

Please email your MP and demand an extension to the transition period. You will find relevant petitions on the Petitions website eg
Extend transition

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