One of the MaisonCool team members has NCGS and must eat a gluten-free diet.

Today was the first step, towards making his own gluten-free bread and rolls, weekly. For his first attempt, he used a Barkat gluten-free instant bread mix (£4.00) from Gluten Free Foods Ltd Barkat gluten free bread mix

The 32cm Mason Cash mixing bowl was the last one in stock at Divertimenti last week

The Pyrex jug and loaf tins were bought during a bakeware promotion at Morrisons in 2019. Much of the bakeware at Morrisons Morrisons is out of stock.

Not pictured orange dough scoop, Hobbs House Bakery £2
Hobbs House Bakery

Other places to try for cookware:

Harts of Sturminster Harts of Sturminster
John Lewis John Lewis
Scotts of Stow
Amazon UK
Robert Dyas
The Range

If you can shop around online. or visit local hardware stores which sell everything from doormats to bird seed, you should be able to find all the bakeware you need.

The instructions were easy to follow. Just add the mix to a bowl, 500ml water to the mix then mix it to a dough. That would be easier with a stand mixer. Made enough for two loaves, baked in a preheated oven Gas 4 for 40 mins.

Not sure he got the concept of a nice smooth dough, first go. Looks rustic though !Tried warm, with a generous amount of butter and it tasted really good – and that’s the important thing.


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