Switching to Organic Diet Dramatically Lowers Glyphosate Levels in Adults and Children Environmental Working Group reported yesterday, that a small study showed that children on conventional diets had five times the level of glyphosate as adults, on a conventional diet. Switching to organic food, lowered levels of glyphosate in both adults and children and dropped by up to 70% in as little as three days on an organic diet.

NEW: Little Yeos organic natural fromage frais 6 x 45g pots
6.7g carbs per 100g or 2.55g carbs per pot, 5.1g carbs per two pots.
Only available at Morrisons and Waitrose at the moment.
£1.00 per pack
£1.55 per pack, currently on offer at 2 for 2.50 to 25/08/20

The Little Yeos fromage frais isn’t just for weaning babies, it’s good for snacks for low carbers, or as part of a breakfast or pudding with berries. Or it can be dolloped on soup, in stews or curries. If a recipe calls for a small amount of fromage frais, these are perfect for those too.

The Joy of Cooking has been updated. Amazon has the Kindle edition on a Limited Time Deal for 99p ! If you miss that, it’s a whopping £30, but the hardback is currently £22.


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