In this disposable age of ours, the touchpad on the Dell laptop born 2017, packed up. First news then, is that shortly, the newborn 2020 will be in use, so that editing can resume properly. There’s also a secondary keyboard, which may mean that French words get accents.

The CSIRO Low-Carb Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Solution by Professor Grant Brinkworth PhD MBA and Dr Pennie Taylor PhD APD arrived 25-08-20. Maybe because they have more than forty years of experience between them, the book reads like an attempt to combine calorie restriction and low GI with lower amounts of carbs, while recommending canola oil and margarine and low fat dairy and Pringles as an indulgence. Review coming later this week.

Many of the older books we review, come from Oxfam. Today’s arrival is The Healthy Home Economist Guide: Get Your Fats Straight (2013), written by Weston A. Price Foundation board member, Sarah Pope, which joins the review pile.

From the Daily Mail, research by La Trobe University shows that 4 tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil per day, can reduce blood pressure.

CBSN has a documentary out entitled Fat Shaming and you can read about it here

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