On Thursday, we compared the nutritional information on boxes of General Mills gluten-free Cheerios from USA and Sanitarium gluten-free Weet-Bix. THE CEREAL EXPERIMENT

The team member with Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) tried Cheerios and liked them. They kept him away from snacks until lunch-time, no small achievement.

Today, it’s the turn of gluten-free Weet-Bix, an Australian breakfast cereal, which looks like a smaller version of Weetabix. The gluten-free version of Weet-Bix, is made with red sorghum, grown in Australia. Sorghum is naturally gluten-free.

To be fair to both cereals, the recommended serving sizes were used. 1.5 cups of Cheerios and two Weet-Bix, plus 1 cup of Riverford organic pasteurised unhomogenised whole milk, on each.

Weet-Bix has fewer carbs and less sugar. But they also contain less fat, protein and fibre than Cheerios and fewer vitamins, too.

Verdict : “Inedible straw” so the Weet-Bix will be feeding local wild birds.

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