After a short hiatus, we’re back. No, we didn’t go anywhere, but the Great Autumn Clean is underway. Then there’s the thorny #WorkingFromHome problem and either turning The Husband’s study into a home office (no brainer, right ?) or creating a home office in the back end of the sitting room.

Marks & Spencer is doing that bring in your old M&S clothes thing again

Photo is the latest ASDA grocery haul. We are buying almost no processed food now, just a few bits for The Husband.

Petite grocery haul from French Click includes one of my favourite ground coffees, a big jar of organic ratatouille, some gluten-free cassoulet for The Husband and Benedicta aioli and rouille. Only modified maize starch as a thickener in the Benedicta sauces.

The ZeroFive100 Project finished recently. Eight people, including a GP with Type 1 diabetes and an Olympian, ran 100 miles over five days on zero calories, just using ketones fuelled by their own body fat, for energy.

Why forcing people to turn on their camera while working from home isn’t inclusive

Why nutrition advice keeps changing – Psychology Today

Study focuses on low carb high fat effect on older populations –

Medical Xpress

Type 2 diabetes: a diet low in refined carbohydrates may help – The Irish Times ohydrates-may-help-say-experts-1.4321791

Nutritional benefits of duck eggs – Healthline
If you’re in the UK mostly widely available duck eggs are Braddock Whites from Clarence Court Currently (28/09/20) if you join the mailing list, you can win a month’s supply of eggs.

Aldi has plans to open 100 new stores in the UK

Apple cider vinegar shown to reduce post-prandial blood glucose

Keto recipes for Thanksgiving – Women’s Health

Online course for Type 2 diabetes management with low carb – The Diabetes Times

Roasted tenderloin beef wrapped in bacon – Jamaica Observer

Early introduction of gluten may prevent coeliac disease in children – King’s College London

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