Basically, it’s mostly a case of waiting for better weather, to paint. Not only because paint prefers temperatures over 10C, but also because now is not the time to be filling the home with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from paint.

That doesn’t mean that the whole DIY decorating process has to grind to a halt. An inventory of the paint stash is helpful and ensuring that you have the supplies you will need, like brush cleaner, brushes, spirit level and masking tape, will save time.

If you’re working from home, you can often sit there on calls with background on mute, while sorting out that tin of screws. Nothing is more irritating, than a delay caused by: “I don’t have the right size screw”.

Whether you are wielding the paint brush or merely supervising, the prep and the aesthetic prep can happen simultaneously.

Interior decorators will leave the decision on paint colours until last. It sounds stupid, but it’s smart.

Set yourself up a moodboard for the room, whether physically or online. I like to use and make a notebook for every room. I include links to things that I’m thinking of buying and photos of objects which I own.

You want to decorate or re-decorate a room in your home but have no idea where to start ? Take some photos of things which you love.

Boots ‘Camargue’ (seen in featured image) was a kitchen range in the Nineties, from Boots, the British chemist chain. Boots (now part of Walgreens Boots Alliance). The ‘Camargue’ range included dinner service, tea set, candy dishes, wine jugs and diverse items such as ironing board covers.

It had a rustic cream-navy-rust colourway which we decided would be suitable for our bedroom. We wanted it to be rustic, summery, French and gender neutral.

It is possible, to have paint custom mixed at DIY stores. It’s no longer necessary to scour them, looking at paint samples, if that’s not fun for you.

Evernote saves me money. I add a lot of links to notebooks, then review them in a few days. About two-thirds of the links get deleted, which saves the I’ve gone off it/It wont go returns process.

My study has neer really gotten 100% finished, so that’s getting a makeover too. Details soon !

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