Pre-Christmas pre-Brexit prep was just a blur. So here we are in January 2021 with a second and worse wave of Coronavirus and Little Britain is fully out of the European Union. It’s not looking good.

Back to basics.

Staying safe, means staying at home if you can, wearing a mask when you go out, keeping away from situations where large numbers of people gather and being extra careful with hand washing. A good precaution is to wipe everything coming into your home with soap and water or an anti-viral wipe.

The more you can do for yourself, precaution-wise, the more you will feel that you are doing the best you can to keep safe and keep others safe.

You might want to set up a small table in your entryway, with anti-viral wipes, disinfectant spray, hand sanitiser, tissues, masks, gloves.

You could also insist that family members wipe over their footwear when they come in and change into slippers, Crocs, flip flops etc inside the house. Some people also change their clothes when they come in.

If you get a lot of deliveries, it’s a good idea to wipe down your front door. In any case, wiping over banisters, light switches and door handles is a good precaution against fomites ie virus particles.

Natural ventilation is said to be good. If your windows open on to a frequently used street, you might want to open windows on an upper floor though. If you open a window front and back (even a small one) you will get a cross draught which moves air through the house. Don’t forget that unblocked chimneys will also move air around.

Indoor Air Quality or IAQ is often more polluted than the air outside. Synthetic materials release chemicals and on top of that, a damp house may have mould spores floating about.

Google ‘NASA indoor plants’ and you’ll find a wide variety of plants which will remove chemicals from the air. Do check though, that they aren’t toxic to your pets !

Finances permitting, a period of furlough or working from home, may give you extra time or even money, saved by not commuting. Now would be a good time, to sort that condensation – mould- sticking window – vacuum filter change out.

Some people working from home, have wireless headphones with microphone, enabling them to wander around the house. Small tasks like shelling peas, stirring risotto and slapping spackle (filler) on dinks in walls, can be accomplished.

Small tasks add up, especially when there are several adults around. Lockdowns have given us the time to re-evaluate our relationships and our homes and concentrate on the important things. Call it ‘hygge’ or nesting, everything we do to make the place we live in, feel more like home, will make us feel safer.

BIG shout out to all those who have been reading these posts.

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