Amazon’s own brand Happy Belly organic linseed, produced in Poland and packed in Germany, arrived today (22/07/21). £2.88 for 350g which seems a decent price.

Per 100g, there’s 7.7g carbs, 22.7g fibre, 22.3g protein and 36.5g of fat so low carb, high protein and high fat – in other words, good for a low carb diet.

We had to buy linseed from Amazon because the Crazy Jack Organic hulled linseeds are £2.00 for a 100g bag from Sainsbury’s ( and we needed 250g for the recipe.

Interestingly, the macros (as Bobby Parrish and Thomas DeLauer would say) differ. Per 100g 0.9g carbs, 34g fibre, 28g protein and 34g fat.

We have not used linseed to cook with before. A fleeting glimpse of an interview on Good Morning Britain on YouTube, alerted us to Dr Sarah Myhill and The PK Diet. PK stands for Paleo-Ketogenic and former GP Dr Myhill, has been using it to treat people suffering from CFS. She has developed a low carb bread roll recipe, which we will try.

Dr Myhill did mention that the bread didn’t work for everyone, so she tried bread buns, which did work. Here, she demonstrates the recipe to Life: The Basic Manual.

During The Championships at Wimbledon in 2015, The Linseed Farm came up with a recipe using strawberries, Quark and linseed oil. Quark is a soft cheese, high in protein, but often fat-free. A higher fat soft cheese would be suitable for low carbers.

In 2018, YouTube channel Nutrition Refined, made a video on flaxseed wraps.

Recipe on the Nutrition Refined website Flaxseed Wraps (Vegan, Paleo, Keto) | Nutrition Refined

A few recipe ideas here and The Linseed Farm has more. We’ll be trying the linseed out and will show the results !

More on Dr Sarah Myhill and The PK Diet, to come..

Linwoods Organic Cold Milled Flaxseed 425g 5.80 Tesco Clubcard price 4.80 to 10/08/21
Holland and Barrett Organic Golden Linseed 250g bag 2.29 Buy One Get One Half Price
Holland and Barrett Organic Brown Linseed 250g bag 1.99 Buy One Get One Half Price
Biona Organic Brown Linseed 500g 2.67 from 2.53 on Subscrive & Save, Holland & Barrett
Morrisons Organic Milled Linseed 180g is £3 in store but Amazon Prime sells a six pack of these for 17.84, with free delivery, saving 1.16

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