Normality has been suspended.

Our lives have been changed by coronavirus, perhaps permanently. It’s like an earthquake, which literally shakes the ground beneath your feet and makes you feel as if you are standing on wobbling jelly. Covid-19, is a huge earthquake, which has ripped our world apart.

The virus is invisible to the naked eye. We can host the virus unknowingly and pass it on to others. We don’t know how well the prevention measures we are taking, actually work. We don’t know whether the vaccines developed, will work even as well as the flu vaccine, which isn’t infallible.

Anxiety about our health and that of our loved ones, of friends and colleagues, of healthcare workers, is the background to our lives.

Many millions of people have become unemployed, around the world. Even those who have been furloughed, are often taking a big hit to their income. Others are working from home, maybe for the first time, doing Skype and Zoom meetings in shirt and tie with Batman pyjamas.

For children, it must be disorientating, to have a parent become your teacher. Frustrating, not to be able interact with friends and to be unable to take part in social activities outside the home.

Older people don’t necessarily realise that popping to the shops could kill them. Sons and daughters are nagging them, in total role-reversal.

Maison Cool has been completely cleared out. New design, new content coming. Maison Cool, because regardless of nationality, we have to Keep Cool and Carry On, doing the best we can to live our lives, in difficult circumstances.

This then, is Life in the time of Coronavirus.