Home is an evocative word. It’s the place in which the people you love, reside. It’s the space you want to create, so that the people whom you love feel safe and protected. Home is where you welcome friends and family and hope that they approve of and admire your decorating choices.

The best interior decorators, are those who reach out and empower us, to be our own interior decorator. To collect and curate objects that we love, into a meaningful and cohesive home environment, which creates a feeling of relaxation and contentment.

We don’t need to buy clothes as often as we do. Fashion houses have created the twice-yearly change of colours and styles, as a business model. Home décor has travelled in the same direction.

With home collections by world-famous fashion designers and pop stars alike, with a whole array of magazines every month and articles in newspapers on ‘styling your garden’, ‘creating a home office in your shed’ and ‘how to have a boutique hotel bedroom’, we are under pressure to buy. The reality is, that those columns and magazines need to fill space in between ads and that manufacturers need a faster turnover of products, just like the fashion industry.

We don’t need to bow to the pressure. We can find things which we love, anywhere. In quirky shops, at jumble sales and boot fairs, in big department stores or on eBay. In Granny’s loft or Uncle Pete’s shed.

Then, when someone says: ” I love that lamp, it’s fab ” you have a story to tell, that is personal.

MaisonCool then, is about the fun and problems of being your own decorator.






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