If only I could draw, I tell myself, I could have been a renowned interior decorator.

Instead I’ve shovelled manure as a stud assisant, and changed diapers as a nanny including in Canada. Commis silver service waitress turned college-trained ex-chef but The Husband does most of the cooking. Spent quite a few years in bookselling, worked as a researcher for TV and documentaries. Went to university as a mature student and to college three times, before that.

Lately I have been protesting the madness that is Brexit with RemainerAction and CelebrateEurope. Just before the European Union referendum, I was doing a spot of writing for a magazine.

What have I learned ?

I gained a love of Newmarket sausages and learned how to lead three thoroughbred horses without getting them hopelessly entangled.

I decided that children are great fun but I didn’t want the responsibility of being a parent.

I can lay up a table for any occasion, do that whole napkin origami thang and get dishwasher water streaks off glasses and plates.

Bookselling allowed me to indulge my love of books to the utmost. I know how to get fingerprint smears off well-thumbed books.

Research for documentaries can be fascinating. Once, I had to work out how many kettles would be needed to produce the steam output of a steam train.

I am a reluctant housewife, moderately keen gardener and passionate finder of objets for the house. I love great design but can’t always afford it. Undeterred, I shop Selfridges to Oxfam, John Lewis to Lidl. Sales are my friends.

Now, with this website, I am adding part-time blogger to the list.

Théroigne S B G Russell


Dressed up for Rocky Horror Show, Theatre Royal, Brighton. Copyright 2016 Théroigne S B G Russell







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